Take a closer look at the Ribble Steam Railway route via this guide:

1.5 miles, crossing the Preston Dock Swing Bridge and alongside the River Ribble.





An Overview of the Ribble Steam Railway.


The western end of the line, sidings, running shed / workshop and museum building. Train rides start from the museum and travel east towards Preston.


(West is left of views – we are travelling East – to the right of views)


Passing the Ribble Rail shed, the siding for Total Bitumen and across Lockside Road crossing


The railway swings to the right to cross the swing bridge and go over the entrance to the Prince Edward dock.

After crossing over, the railway swings back to the left to follow the course of the River Ribble and run along the riverbank.


Now running on a straight course towards Preston alongside the River Ribble alongside the reclaimed dock land which has all been redeveloped since the 1980′s.


The railway, whilst running alongside the riverbank, passes the foot Crossing and then sweeps towards the Exchange Sidings.


The railway runs into Exchange Sidings, used by the Ribble Rail Bitumen trains during the week to take over the full tankers from the National Network and form the empties for collection.

*** On our steam days, this is where the Steam locomotive runs around the train ***

This will hopefully be the site eventually of a new platform adjacent to the Odeon Cinema complex and car park.


Leaving the siding, the railway continues under the flyover and alongside the river.


The railway swings to the right to arrive at journey's end, adjacent to Strand Road.

*** *** ***

Our Link with the National Network is shown below:


Strand Road sees our connection with the National Network via a road crossing.


The main railway line continues via a very steep gradient towards the Southern end of Preston Station.

This connection is used several times per week by the Bitumen Tanker trains.


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