What’s Here

  • The Museum

    The museum houses many locomotives and vehicles that have been restored by our volunteers on site. This is one of the largest collections in the country all under one roof. We have tried to show the different types and tell a short story about the previous lives of each covering where they were built, the industries that they worked in and other interesting facts.

    So as you move from our workshop to the museum, here you can get up close and even climb aboard a few to see the size of the footplate that drivers and firemen had to work  on board for many long shifts at work.

    Also around the museum you will find other displays, some are permanent such as a History of Preston Dock to temporary displays on many interesting subjects. We are also always adding new displays such as Railway Signalling and Mail in the NW as we have recently acquired a Travelling Post Office carriage.

    Many of our displays can easily be added to School Trips as part of the studies see

    Educational Visits

  • The Train Ride

    The three mile return trip along our line, over the dock swingbridge and alongside the diverted River Ribble is the culmination of our work on the Heritage Railway. Often the locomotive on the day will have been restored in our own workshop by volunteers.

    The coaches are examples from the 1960’s and have been repainted and refurbished on site.

    The train ride, albeit a fairly short one, is the culmination of hours of hard work and we hope you enjoy this part of your visit.

    You can have as many rides as you wish on the day of your visit. Our normal timetable sees departures on the hour at 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1600.

    Want to Know the prices?

  • The Workshop

    Many of the locomotives (and other vehicles) arrive on site in various conditions from needing total rebuilds to replacement of parts. The size of these parts can be as big as boiler rebuilds to lifting out entire frames and wheels.

    Locomotives can be assessed to determine whether they can be returned to working order or whether they are to be made available for display in our museum building. There is a viewing area to see work underway and our workshop volunteers are only too pleased to answer your questions and give you further details. You may even feel that you would like to help on our projects and they can tell you how to go about volunteering.

    Many other Heritage lines are quite envious of our facilities on site which when you consider we are a railway run by volunteers and not a commercial business are something we are very proud of.

    We hope you enjoy this usually unseen side of operations.

  • Whistle Stop Cafe

    Once you’ve experienced our steam train, follow the smell of freshly ground coffee and cooked bacon and sausage to our cafe. This space is perfect for relaxing during your visit.

    We politely ask that visitors do not eat their own food in our cafe, however any food brought with you can be eaten on our steam train or playground. 

Depending on the time of your arrival, you can visit the museum or workshop in any order but do give yourselves time to enjoy each part.

Staff on site are only too glad to answer your questions and direct you to each area. There is also a cafe and shop in the Museum and a Buffet Car on the train rides.

A Great Day Out for All Ages and an all weather destination.

We look forward to meeting you at our Railway soon.