Ribble Steam Railway Museum

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Enjoy a “hands on” active learning experience.

Time of The Railways KS 1/2

What difference did the railways make to our life and work?

Discover what the best and worst jobs on the railways were. Find out about the social and environmental impact of the railways, and what the future of the railways might be.

The session includes a small section on George Stephenson and a look at the most exciting journey of them all, a trip to the seaside!

Building the Railways KS 1/2

How do you build a railway? Find out how they are put together and face a series of problem solving challenges. Discover why trains don’t fall off the tracks and how a steam engine actually works.

Use LEGO© to create a miniature railway; our engineer will then put your work to the test as he drives a train all the way along the line you have built!

The Railway Journey

Your unique chance to charter our 1958 Diesel Railbus. Take a ride through the varied landscape of Preston.

Journey from industrialised landscape to riverside landscape via the swing bridge of Preston Docks.

(lunch on the train)

Session Costs

Option 1: £90 (2 hrs.)
The time of the railways plus Building the Railways.

This visit is suitable for a maximum of 38 KS1 or KS2 pupils. The sessions include two educational role player leaders, and pupils are split into two groups.

Option 2: £160 (3 hrs.)
Option 1 plus pupils can enjoy a 30-minute train journey while they eat their packed lunch. The train ride offers an additional informal tour of Preston Docks. Pupils can experience panoramic views of the surrounding industrial and natural riverside train route. Suitable for a maximum of 38 pupils, please bring your own lunch!

Get in touch

We open Tuesdays and Wednesdays especially for school bookings, when we are normally closed to the general public.

For further information and enquiries please contact Alison on 01772 728800 or email direct to schools@ribblesteam.co.uk

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