‘JN Derbyshire’ was built at the Caledonia works of Andrew Barclay & Sons in Kilmarnock. It is a Barclay saddle tank with 12″ cylinders. The loco was purchased by the Carlisle Plaster & Cement Company (now British Gypsum) and worked at their Cocklakes Works, near Cumwhinton.

The loco was purchased upon retirement, along with a number of sister locos, and was taken to Steamtown, Carnforth for preservation. The loco was named “Jane Derbyshire” for some time whilst at Steamtown – but the original title has now been restored.

The loco arrived at Preston on Sunday 17th July 2005, and due to the fantastic external condition of the loco, is displayed in the museum building. There are no immediate plans to return the loco to steam.

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