This typical industrial shunting locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons of Bristol in 1941 for the Southport Gas Company. An unexpected feature of the painting schedule for 1999 was that Midland Railway livery was specified, together with the Southport Corporation Crest. Its duties included shunting coal wagons from Blowick sidings along to Southport Gas Works.

In 1958, the Peckett was transferred to Darwen Gas Works where it was employed until it was replaced by a diesel locomotive in 1963. After lying derelict for three years in an open siding, it was acquired by the KWVR in September 1966 for a nominal sum and moved to Howarth where it was restored to working order.

As the locomotive was unsuitable for KWVR traffic requirements, it was placed on long term loan with Steamport where it arrived in September 1974. The loco saw a good share of the passenger traffic in the late 1970s & early 1980s before once again falling out of use. Since arriving in Preston on March 13th 1999, the locomotive has been purchased from KWVR by Ribble Steam Railway


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