Daphne has been donated to the North West Transport Museum in St Helens, a registered Museum.

Daphne has spent many years on the seafront at Lytham as a former playground engine. She arrived on 21st May 2002, and despite being in reasonable external condition, is not a candidate for restoration due to the extent of the damage to the boiler. Daphne will be scrubbed up and once again be displayed.

Peckett and Sons was a locomotive manufacturer at the Atlas Works in St. George, Bristol. Between 1862 and 1900 they had built over 400 locomotives. Peckett & Sons followed on with the well-established industrial saddle tank locomotives, the designs at first being changed but little. The characteristic chimney with copper top, the brass dome and safety valve cover and spring balance safety valves and the shapely cab. They became specialists in the field, with very precise specifications and standardisation of parts. During the two World Wars, the works were especially busy, but by 1950 trade had largely dried up and, although in 1956 an attempt had been made to enter the diesel-mechanical market, the last steam engine was produced in 1958 and the company was taken over by Reed Crane & Hoist Co Ltd on 23 October 1961, which itself later went into liquidation.

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