Mr Ribble’s Family Playground – NEW 2019


Welcome to Mr Ribble’s Family Playground

If you visited us for our Santa Specials you may have noticed something new right by the rail tracks. Imagine the rare chance to get up close to our beautiful Vintage Trains and watch them on the move on our popular Riverside Docklands Line. 

Our playground has brilliant play pieces and picnic tables. So you can all take time out and relax together in our creative outdoor space.

You may want to grab some refreshments from our Whistle Stop Cafe to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Take time to play, chat, eat and drink and wave as the trains go by.

Our new play area has been a labour of love, built and designed by our enthusiastic volunteer team.







Mr Ribble’s Family Playground is suitable for children ages 2- 10 years. It is a special place created for children.

Please remember, all children need to be cared for and accompanied with their adult guardians.

We are dog friendly, and for health and safety we please ask that you only bring assistance dogs into this play area.

Thank you for keeping our play space special and please enjoy your visit.

Alison Pinch

Front of House Director

Ribble Steam Railway