Win a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a diesel locomotive on Preston’s historic dockside railway line! To celebrate 50 years of the Sentinels diesel locomotives arriving on the Docks and the end of steam in 1968, we’re inviting members of the public to engage in an amazing competition!

50 years ago, the Sentinel locomotives of Preston’s dockside line brought massive change to the industrial heart of this Lancashire town. Their story over the past 50 years, and how the country has changed with them, is part of an exciting tale told in our museum in the Sentinels exhibition, on display through the remaining 2018 season. We thought there was no better way to mark this historic half-century of service than running a competition to drive one of our dockside diesels!

All you have to do is answer the four below questions, in the ‘Your Message’ section of the contact form at the bottom of the page. Our winner will be contacted on August 31st!* Participants must be 21 or over. T&Cs apply.

1. What happened in 1968?
a. Apollo 11 was launched into space
b. The Beatles pop group stormed America
c. Steam was stopped on mainline railways

2. What does the word Sentinel mean?
a. Standing Stone
b. Hardworking
c. Protector or Guardian

3. How many Steam Engines did the Diesel Sentinels Replace?
a. 12
b. 9
c. 3

4. What are the names of Ribble Railways Diesel Sentinels?
a. Progress, Innovate, Enterprise
b. Progress, Enterprise, Innovate
c. Progress, Enterprise, Energy

In the comments section of the contact form, please write the question number followed by your answer. EG – “Question 1 – A / Question 2 – C / Question 3 – A / Question 4 – B”.

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