This is one of a number of identical engines built by the Hunslet Engine Company of Leeds for the South Kirby Colliery near Barnsley between 1923 and 1942.

The engine has 16″ x 22″ cylinders and 3′ 9″ coupled wheels and were the prototypes of the Hunslet designed Austerity shunters built for the War Department by various manufacturers during World War II. The Austerities differed from the 16″ Hunslets in that they had larger 18″ x 26″ cylinders, 4′ 1/2″ driving wheels and the Saddle tank was extended over the smokebox.

This particular locomotive was built in 1939 as works no 1954 and was originally named Kinsley. It was made redundant in 1974 following the conversion of South Kirby to merry-go-round working, whereupon she was purchased for preservation and moved to Southport. During restoration, the locomotive was renamed ‘Fitzwilliam’ after it was discovered that Kinsley has acquired Fitzwilliam’s tanks at some point. After a number of years service at Southport, Kinsley was re-sold and restoration work began at Southport. The loco moved to Preston on 1st April 1999, and the work to bring her back into service re-started again in 2004.

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