BICC is a powerful North British Diesel Hydraulic shunter. Delivered new to BICC’s site at Prescot outside Liverpool, the diesel replaced a number of Steam locomotives & began working a 24 hour shift.

With the decline of the Prescot site, the locomotive became redundant in the mid 1980’s & was eventually purchased for restoration in 1988. When investigative work began, it was found that one of the cylinder heads was cracked & water was leaking into the sump. After all heads had been removed, checked and replaced, the offending item was replaced. Transmission problems were then encountered and the locomotive was mothballed for some time. The loco arrived on site in Preston on 31st March 1999.

After changing owners, a number of items were replaced & the locomotive almost re-entered service late in 2001. The power unit shed a liner in late 2001, and this was replaced during 2002, but it wasn’t until the Diesel Weekend of 2006 when BICC made a fleeting excursion into the operating fleet. The lack of train brakes prevented the loco actually operating any trains, although it was used to marshal the stock around the site. Works still to be completed include a repaint into it’s original maroon livery shown below – and a re-wire to provide lighting. The main engine water pump was found to be life-expired and a replacement unit has been sourced so the loco is no longer sidelined.


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